June 30, 2019 | Breast augmentation

5 Key Factors to Know Before Breast Augmentation Procedure in New Orleans

shapely body of a woman

Breast augmentation is a procedure many women undergo to increase size, restore volume, or improve the shape and symmetry of the breast. Breast augmentations, or “boob jobs,” can not only help women improve their self-confidence through aesthetic modifications, but it can also make those who have undergone cancer-fighting mastectomies feel whole and complete again.

We believe in the transformative power of augmentation and reconstruction and currently offer this world-class service at a special rate for the holiday season. As with any surgery, there are many factors to consider before taking the plunge and booking a consultation with Dr. Sadeghi. Once you’ve scheduled your augmentation, it’s time to start thinking about the big day. Here are our five biggest tips for preparing your mind, your body and your home for your breast augmentation surgery.

1) Eat smart and arrive clean and clear

There are several foods you should try to avoid leading up to your surgery, including cucumbers, grapes, almonds, strawberries, pickles, garlic and tomatoes, as they contain natural blood thinners. Dr. Sadeghi and the team will assist you in mapping out an approved surgery diet, including medications, vitamins and supplements. In addition to proper nutrition, we ask that all patients arriving for surgery have totally clean bodies (no lotion, deodorant, makeup, etc.) and totally clear bodies. That means removing jewelry, contact lenses, nail polish or any other accessory that could pose a risk during the procedure.

2) Prepare your home for your recovery period

The recovery period can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on your age, overall health, breast size, and hormone levels. That is a lot of downtime, so it’s a good idea to have your space fully prepared for the long haul. Having a clean and organized home waiting for you after surgery can help make your recovery process a walk in the park. We encourage moving any potentially dangerous pieces of furniture out of the way, so you can have a clear path to the places and things you need to access while resting. Make sure your bed has clean linens, your bathroom is stocked with easy-to-reach toilet paper and clean towels and that all of your post-op medications, ice packs and other important items are within an arm’s distance.

3) Have your recovery wardrobe ready and accessible

You will be experiencing a significant amount of pain, swelling and discomfort, which is why we encourage you to recover in comfortable and loose tops and bottoms. Dig out those old college t-shirts or stock up on a few affordable cotton tops that breathe and feel great. Make sure those comfy clothes are clean and easy to change in and out of while you recover. An effortless recovery process might not be the most fashionable, but it can make reaching the end a lot easier.

4) Stock up on snacks, supplies and entertainment

The bed is decked out with comfy pillows and blankets. The oversized cotton tee is on. Now what? You won’t be able to move around much after your breast augmentation surgery, so we recommend gathering the entertainment and snack items you like for your time in bed. That book you’ve been meaning to read? Keep it close by. More of a television person? Make sure the batteries in the remote are fresh. Staying occupied while you recover makes the process feel like it’s moving faster.

5) Take a deep breath

Dr. Sadeghi and the team at the Aesthetic & Reconstructive Breast Center are ready to guide you through this new and exciting change. When you choose Dr. Ali Sadeghi, you’re choosing cutting-edge techniques, incomparable facilities and world-class service. We want to make sure all of our breast augmentation and reconstruction patients are comfortable and confident before and after their procedures, and we are always available to help ease your mind and get you excited for the future.