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woman breast cancer awareness

Posted February 23, 2024

Benefits Of Breast Reconstruction After Fighting Cancer

Healing after breast cancer surgery can be challenging, as women can have low self-esteem and feel incomplete knowing that a part of them is completely gone.  Psychologically, they may feel down, and getting reconstruction surgery can be a good way to uplift their spirits and hasten the recovery process.  A study found that 69.4% of […]

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Can Breast Augmentation Affect Your Workout Routine

Posted February 21, 2024

Can Breast Augmentation Affect Your Workout Routine?

If you are wondering if breast augmentation can affect your workout routine, you should be familiar with how it is done, as this can enlighten you on what things to prepare and expect as well.  Talk to us at the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery to learn more about working out after a breast augmentation.  […]

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Posted December 30, 2023

Expert Breast Surgeries: Augmentations, Lifts, and Reductions by Dr. Ali Sadeghi

Summary: Breast surgeries performed by an experienced plastic surgeon generally fit into three different categories, augmentations, lifts, and reductions.  Depending on the condition of a person’s breasts and the results desired will depend on which surgery is best for you. A Closer Look at Augmentations (AKA Mammoplasty, Breast Enlargement, Breast Implants) Breast augmentation surgery is […]

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Mastopexy Procedures at Sadeghi Plastic Surgery

Posted September 20, 2023

Breast Lift Recovery: Tips and What to Expect

Undergoing breast lift surgery can be a transformative experience, offering renewed confidence and a more youthful appearance. However, the journey doesn’t end when you leave the operating room; the recovery period is an essential part of the process that requires careful planning and attention.  Whether you’re contemplating a boob lift or have recently undergone the […]

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