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Mommy Makeover From Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery

Posted November 10, 2022

Tips to Maintain Your Body After a Mommy Makeover

Although many women will agree that pregnancy is a beautiful part of womanhood and the ultimate expression of femininity, there’s an aspect of it that rarely gets talked about: Their bodies! We live in a society that celebrates the ‘perfect’ female body… …while a huge number of women hate their post-pregnancy bodies and have lost […]

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Posted February 14, 2020

An Ultimate Guide to the Mommy Makeover

Summary: Why Get a Mommy Makeover? After pregnancy, many women find that their bodies lack the pre-baby luster they used to have—their breasts shrink and sag, buttocks changes shape, and it becomes harder to lose stubborn belly fat. Because of this, some find it difficult to maintain a positive self-image after having children. However, the […]

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