Q: What is the difference between reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery?

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed for the correction of body and facial issues that may be caused by birth defects, injury, disease, or the typical aging process. Normally, the goal of reconstructive plastic surgery is to improve body function. However, reconstructive plastic surgery may also be done to create a more normal appearance and improve self-esteem.

Whereas, Cosmetic surgery is performed to reform current structures of the body in order to improve self-esteem and appearance.

Q: Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery?

Individuals in good general health are normally acceptable candidates for cosmetic surgery. It is imperative for prospective patients to have realistic expectations for their surgery results. During your consultation with Dr Sadeghi, it is important to openly discuss your previous medical history, plastic surgery goals and any concerns you have so that Dr Sadeghi can make an informed and realistic assessment about your candidacy for cosmetic surgery.

Q: What Should I Look for in a Plastic Surgeon?

Firstly, Credentials are very important. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who has completed an accredited residency training program in plastic surgery. Most Plastic surgeons will openly state the number of board certifications they have. This kind of program includes two or three years of intensive training in the full range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is a good indicator of a surgeon’s skill, since the board has strict requirements.
Secondly, reviews and direct patient feedback are also crucial to review. Dr Sadeghi has a 5.0 Google Rating because his patients value his expertise and professionalism.

Q: What does it mean for a surgeon to be board-certified?

Earning board certification is one of many ways a surgeon can prove his or her skills and knowledge. Every certifying board has varied requirements and measures a physician’s education and experience in their chosen fields. Dr Sadeghi holds double board certifications as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon.Board certification provides assurance that a doctor has undergone formal training in the fundamentals of surgery.

Q: What is the recovery from plastic surgery like?

Because each patient has a different tolerance for pain after any procedure, your surgeon will tailor your recovery plan according to your specific needs. Depending on your specific procedure, discomfort following surgery will range from mild to more intense, but your surgeon will prescribe the appropriate pain medication to minimize the amount of discomfort you might feel. For breast reconstruction or augmentation, many patients have described the pain level as similar to that felt after a C-section or similar procedure. The pain usually rates in the moderate range for most patients and can be controlled well by medication during the first few weeks following the procedure.

Q: What are the possible risks?

With any procedure, there are associated risks. Dr. Sadeghi and his team firmly believe in discussing your procedure with you and answering any questions you might have. We encourage you to ask us about the risks, how often they occur, and how they are handled. We believe in transparency and making you feel comfortable about any procedure you elect, so be sure to consult with us about your specific procedure.

Q: Will my physical condition be evaluated before surgery?

Yes. As part of our evaluation and consultation process, your overall fitness level and health will be evaluated as part of our pre-testing during your initial appointments.

Q: How much does surgery cost?

We understand that cost is always one of the foremost concerns of patients prior to any procedure. During your consultation, you’ll receive a thorough, detailed summary of all of the costs associated with your specific procedure. We’ll be happy to discuss this summary with you and advise you of all of your options during our confidential consultation.

Q: Will I be able to return to work right away?

Your ability to return to work will depend on the type of job you have and how physically demanding it is. In general, you should avoid upper arm movements like reaching for objects for the first 1-2 weeks following surgery. We encourage patients to avoid lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds for up to six weeks after the operation. Because of these restrictions, some patients may be unable to return to work (or full duties at work) for a while after the procedure. Others may be able to return to work relatively quickly.

Q: When will I be able to drive after surgery?

Typically, patients are able to drive within one to two weeks after surgery, as long as they are not actively taking pain medication. For those who require pain medication for longer than this period, we must insist that you not operate a vehicle until you’ve completed your recovery.

Q: Will I need additional surgeries?

Some patients require additional procedures for augmentation, optimal symmetry, and other corrective work. Also, if you face any complications after your procedure, your surgeon may need to perform additional surgeries to address or correct any issues. During your consultation our team will discuss the possibility of additional procedures, when they might be required, and how they will be handled.

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