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New Orleans Kybella Treatment – Enhance Your Look Today

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What is Kybella?

Although liposuction is the most widely used treatment to reduce a double chin, Kybella is an excellent alternative because it requires less interruption to your life and very minimal downtime. Ideal candidates for Kybella are healthy and have moderate-to-severe fatty deposits beneath their chins.

Patients with consolidated fat deposits and fullness underneath the chin are great candidates for having Kybella.

Because Kybella is not intended to remove skin, patients who have a lot of loose and hanging skin are not good candidates for this procedure.

How Does Kybella Work?

Patients receive multiple injections (like Botox or fillers) in a single treatment. Most patients require 3-4 treatment sessions about one month apart to see their optimal results.

After Dr. Sadeghi assesses the treatment area, he will mark and grid the anatomic target zone. This process ensures equal delivery of the Kybella, so there is no risk of contour irregularity. The treatment area is subsequently numbed with a few injections of lidocaine to ensure there is no pain or discomfort from the Kybella treatment.

An ice pack is applied while the numbing medicine takes its effect. After a period of 5-10 minutes, Kybella is injected into the area of treatment. This is a virtually painless process. Ice packs are reapplied for 5-10 minutes. The Kybella permanently destroys the fat cells immediately.

Kybella treatments are quick and convenient. They do not cause significant patient discomfort, and no anesthesia is needed. In fact, a single treatment can be completed during a lunchtime appointment, and you can return to your normal routine immediately afterwards. Treatments take 10-15 minutes.

Typically, patients should wait anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks between treatments. Depending on the amount of fullness present and results desired, the average patient will require 2-4 treatments to see significant results. Few patients notice results after 1 treatment.

What To Expect After Kybella

There is no downtime, but you may experience minor side effects such as temporary redness, bruising, numbness, and swelling. These symptoms usually resolve within 24-48 hours (about 2 days).

The most common side effects include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, pain, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. The area may feel sore, jiggly, or heavy from the product and swelling from your body’s reaction to the product. It is typical for the area to appear larger than before treatment.

Kybella Fat Dissolving Injections In New Orleans Sadeghi Plastic Surgery

Once the product is absorbed into the system, the area will look more like it did prior to the treatment. Makeup can be applied immediately after to cover minor bruising or redness.

Also, it is important to avoid strenuous physical activity/exercise 24 hours post treatment and application of ice intermittently for a short period of time after the treatment may help reduce swelling.

Over the course of a month (once swelling has subsided) you will notice that the excess submental fat has reduced significantly. At your follow-up appointment, it will be decided if more injections are needed, but many patients only require one. If weight fluctuations are kept in check, results from Kybella chin fat reduction can be long-lasting.

Kybella is a permanent fat dissolving solution to a heavy neck/jawline. Your results depend on the amount of excess fat you have under your chin. Most patients begin seeing results 3-4 weeks post-injection.

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Dr. Ali Sadeghi Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Why Choose Dr. Sadeghi for My Kybella Treatment?

Dr. Ali Sadeghi is a double board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive breast surgery in New Orleans. In addition to his world-class surgical training, Dr. Sadeghi has performed thousands of surgeries, including breast lifts and other breast enhancement surgeries. As Founder and Medical Director of the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sadeghi is committed to the complete care of his patients in Metairie and across New Orleans.