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Reduce Arm Flaps and “Bat Wings” With Brachioplasty

Women and men tend to develop stubborn fat pockets in their upper arms. These fat deposits are some of the most difficult to tone with diet and exercise, and even if you can, you may be left with sagging, hanging skin.

Arm flaps can distort your upper body, causing you to feel the need to cover your arms, even in the warm Louisiana weather.

Arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, treats this excess fat and restores a firm and defined arm contour. Dr. Ali Sadeghi performs arm lift surgery and body contouring plastic surgery procedures in New Orleans.

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What Is an Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty arm reduction helps reduce the upper arm circumference by removing excess skin tissue. The procedure also works to tighten fascia, the tissue that connects skin with underlying muscle.


What Are the Benefits of an Arm Lift Procedure?

Having an undefined upper arm contour can make patients look heavier and older than they are.

Brachioplasty has many benefits, including:

  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced fat deposits in the upper arm
  • Better definition of existing arm muscles (arm lift surgery does not create arm muscles, but it can expose and highlight the muscles you have)
  • Ease finding clothing that fits and flatters your arm shape

Is Arm Lift Surgery Right for Me?

As we age, the skin on the upper arm becomes loose due to a relaxation of fascial tissue; this effect is known as ptosis.

You may consider an arm lift procedure if you are concerned with loose, drooping skin and excess fat pockets in the upper arm (between the elbow and shoulder).

Candidates for arm lift surgery are in good overall health, do not smoke, and have realistic expectations of their results.

How Is an Arm Lift Performed?

Arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation in about one to two hours.

Generally, brachioplasty incisions are made on the inside of the arm and can extend from the armpit (axilla) to the elbow. This incision may be shorter (depending on the extent of excess skin and fat).

Excess skin is removed, and tissues are tightened. For patients with significant fat deposits, arm liposuction will be used to slim the arms.

Liposuction may also be chosen to address excess fat in other body areas.

How Much Does an Arm Lift Cost in New Orleans?

The cost of arm lift surgery in New Orleans varies on the extent of the procedure and whether liposuction or other body contouring treatment is performed simultaneously. Additional cost factors, such as geographical location, surgeon’s fees, facility and operating room fees, and anesthesia, will also be factored in.

Dr. Sadeghi will provide you with a more accurate cost estimate once you have met with him for a one-on-one consultation.

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What Should I Expect After My Brachioplasty?

How Long Does It Take to Recover From an Arm Lift?

Brachioplasty is an outpatient procedure, and you will be able to return home shortly after your operation.

Your recovery will take between one and two weeks, depending on the depth and length of the incisions. During this time, it’s important to follow Dr. Sadeghi’s instructions, including protecting your incisions and avoiding lifting any objects over a few pounds.

Elevating your arms on a pillow or two can help to alleviate discomfort. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication will also help. Most patients return to work after one to two weeks, but swelling may take a few months to fade completely.

Will I Have Scars After My Arm Lift?

Dr. Sadeghi can minimize scarring using advanced surgical techniques.

However, as an incision is made in the underside of the arm, a scar will develop, which can usually be covered or camouflaged by clothing. In some patients with less tissue, the scar may be hidden in the axilla.

You can find before and after pictures in our patient gallery or browse testimonials to learn how other patients’ arm lift surgeries have gone.

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FAQs About Arm Lift Surgery

What are the risks of brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is generally safe when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Sadeghi. Unfortunately, as with all surgical procedures, some risks are present.

These risks include:

  • Reactions to anesthesia
  • Prolonged swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Unfavorable scarring

Will my arm lift results be permanent?

Your arm lift results are designed to be long lasting and can be permanent if you maintain a stable weight. This surgery does not stop the natural aging process, and age-related laxity may develop. However, your arm contour will always be better than if you did not have the surgery.

How should I prepare for my arm lift?

Patients will be asked to stop smoking and taking blood-thinning medications (such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and NSAIDs) for at least two weeks to minimize the potential for complications.

Will arm liposuction give me the same results as an arm lift?

Liposuction can reduce fat deposits in the arm and may be an appropriate stand-alone procedure for men and women with good skin elasticity and minimal fat. However, as liposuction does not tighten or remove the skin, it is not appropriate for all patients.

During your consultation, Dr. Sadeghi will explain your surgical options.

Should I combine any other plastic surgery procedures with my arm lift?

Most arm lift patients choose to combine their arm lift with liposuction of the arms and surrounding areas.

Additionally, some patients choose to combine their brachioplasty with other body and breast contouring procedures, such as:

Interested in Arm Lift Surgery in New Orleans, LA?

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