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Even if you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you still might have localized deposits of fat and cellulite that seem impossible to get rid of. Some of the most stubborn areas where these deposits are found include the lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms, face, and neck.

Fortunately, you can achieve a slimmer, more contoured figure through the targeted removal of fat through liposuction.

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. It’s a tried-and-true method for achieving fantastic, natural-looking results.

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 How is Liposuction Performed?

Dr. Sadeghi has earned a reputation for using cutting-edge surgical techniques and equipment for each procedure he performs.

To perform liposuction, Dr. Sadeghi cuts a small incision in the area where fat has built up. He then inserts a thin hollow tube called a cannula into the incision, which is moved back and forth to break up the fat. The broken fat is then sucked through the tube with a special surgical vacuum. A syringe can also be used to remove it.

Dr. Sadeghi uses the thinnest cannula possible to cause the least amount of soreness, bruising, or scarring after surgery, giving you the most beautiful results possible.

 What is the Cost of Liposuction?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of liposuction was $3,518 in 2018. This cost does not cover anesthesia or other operating expenses, and the amount increases if you add additional areas of liposuction. To get a better understanding of what your particular surgery would cost, schedule an appointment with the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery.

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Average Cost: $3,518
Recovery Time: ~ 10 days
Average Procedure Time: 1 – 4 hours
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 What is Recovery Like After Liposuction?

Recovery takes about two weeks after the surgery. Your recovery time depends, however, on the size of the treated area. If liposuction targeted a very small part of your body, you might be able to return to work after a few days. You might need more than a week of recuperation after a more extensive liposuction procedure.

Swelling and bruising after liposuction are normal. Don’t be concerned if the results of the procedure aren’t immediately evident. It might even be a few months before the swelling completely goes down and reveals the new, sleeker you.

To help decrease swelling and speed up your recovery time, Dr. Sadeghi will advise you on a few different ways to take care of yourself, including:

Use a compression garment or elastic bandages for four to six weeks after surgery. The compression eases swelling and pain and tends to reduce rippling effects in the skin.

Take medication to help your body heal faster and prevent infection.

Stop smoking before and after surgery. The chemicals in tobacco smoke decrease blood flow to the surgery site, which could make healing take longer and might leave you with more noticeable scars.
Eat a healthy diet before and after liposuction. The proper nutrients helps scar tissue look more natural.

Care for drains, stitches, and the site of surgery. The drains and stitches might stay in place from a few days to a few weeks.

Watch for potential health risks like infection.

Postpone your exercise regimen for a few weeks after liposuction.

Schedule follow-up appointments as Dr. Sadeghi’s office recommends.

Will I Have Scars After Liposuction?

The incisions from liposuction are small and hardly noticeable. However, any deep cut into the skin is likely to leave some sort of mark. By using the most advanced techniques along with expert post-surgery advice, Dr Sadeghi can help you reduce scarring as much as possible. There’s a reason Dr. Sadeghi is widely known for his outstanding plastic surgery results in the greater New Orleans area.

 Who Is a Candidate for Liposuction?

Anyone who wants their clothes to fit better and to gain a sleeker body contour can benefit from liposuction. Men and women of any age are candidates.

However, keep in mind that liposuction is a body-contouring procedure rather than a weight-loss surgery. Liposuction works best for individuals who are already an average body weight. Also, liposuction will not remove cellulite or fix loose, sagging skin. If you are interested in treating either of those issues, contact Dr. Sadeghi to discuss alternative procedures.

 What Can Liposuction Surgery Improve?

Men and women consider liposuction for many reasons. Here are a few:

More contoured body shape – Liposuction can help you look flatter, more toned, younger, and more attractive. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you simply can’t get the results you want with just exercise and diet. Liposuction could deliver the body you never thought you’d have. Your clothes will fit and hang better on your body, too.

Improved health – Excess fat on your body can increase the risk of contracting many diseases. It can also affect your hormonal regulation. As such, liposuction can be an important preventative measure.

Breast augmentation – When necessary, liposuction extracts fat from some parts of the body and injects it into the breasts. This is one option for women who have undergone a mastectomy to treat breast cancer. The transferred fat can help reconstruct natural-feeling breasts to replace the ones lost to cancer. Women may also choose to use liposuction to increase their breast size for purely cosmetic reasons.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Sadeghi To Perform My Liposuction Surgery?

Dr. Ali Sadeghi, founder and medical director of the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery, is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. He has received extensive education and world-class surgical training, giving him the expertise to successfully perform thousands of surgeries, including liposuctions, over the past two decades. Check out some of our client testimonials.

Your comfort and satisfaction are our ultimate goal, before, during, and after surgery at the Sadeghi Center or at other facilities in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas, if necessary.

At the Sadeghi Center, clients enjoy full-service care in the welcoming, spa-like environment. To get the most outstanding cosmetic results possible, Dr. Sadeghi stays on top of the latest cosmetic surgery advancements. He and his highly-trained team are dedicated to providing clients with the utmost professionalism in a liposuction procedure and post-op care while you achieve your dreams of the body you always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction Surgery

If you are considering liposuction, Dr. Ali Sadeghi is one of the premier plastic surgeons in Louisiana, and he is passionate about helping you achieve your dream look. Read some of our frequently asked questions below or contact our plastic surgery center and med spa in Metairie for any other questions you may have.

Will liposuction be painful?
Liposuction can cause swelling, bruising, and soreness, which can be painful. You will have to take it easy for a few days to a few weeks after the surgery. However, the amount of pain you experience is relative to the amount of liposuction you choose to receive.
Will the results last?

Yes. As long as you maintain a stable weight after your surgery, the results from liposuction should last. Your skin loses some of its tightness as you age, but by and large, it will retain its shape. Liposuction is a long-term investment.

What complementary procedures do you offer?

Liposuction improves the shape of your body, but additional procedures can produce an even more amazing look. You might consider a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, or face lift to accompany a liposuction surgery.

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