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Does the size of your breasts cause you embarrassment, back pain, or difficulty when standing for long periods of time? Do you ever feel objectified because of your breast size? Or, are your breasts causing other issues that you’d like to do something about?

You don’t have to live with physical or emotional discomfort because of the size of your breasts. Dr. Ali Sadeghi of the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery has helped women like you take action and resolve problems caused by breast size. You can improve your health and restore your confidence through breast reduction surgery. This surgery is also known as “mammaplasty” and is often combined with a breast lift to achieve optimal results.

What Can a Breast Reduction Surgery Improve?

Many patients are amazed at how breast reduction surgery can ease physical pain and boost your confidence in your appearance. Our satisfied patients report that they can enjoy physical activities with less discomfort, they’re able to find and wear clothing that fits the way they want it to, and they can go about their daily lives without feeling as self-conscious as they used to.

 What is the Cost of a Breast Reduction Surgery?

A breast reduction surgery cost an average of $5,860 in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A breast lift costs an average of $4,816. Keep in mind that these costs do not include anesthesia and other hospital fees, or the visits before and after the surgery. Every case will be different, so make sure to get a price estimation from Dr. Sadeghi.

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Average Cost: $5,680
Recovery Time: ~ 2 weeks
Average Procedure Time: 2 – 5 hours
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Who Can a Breast Reduction Help?

You might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery if any of the following matches your experience:

  • Shoulder, back, or neck pain from having large breasts
  • Emotional/mental distress
  • Difficulty participating in physical activities
  • Rash or irritation under the breast crease
  • Nerve pain in the breasts
  • Indentations on your shoulders from bra straps
  • Difficulty fitting into bras or clothing
  • Poor posture
  • Difficulty standing for a long time

The above symptoms can be caused by a condition called “macromastia,” or the condition of having large breasts. These are real symptoms with real impacts on your life. One solution to these issues is to receive a mammaplasty or breast reduction surgery.

Also, if you have any of the following plans after your surgery, you should bring them up in your consultation with Dr. Sadeghi:

  • If you plan to continue having children and breastfeeding, there’s a chance that your surgery might impact your ability to breastfeed. The surgery can be performed in ways that preserve your ability to breastfeed, but it’s important for Dr. Sadeghi to know that ahead of time.
  • If you plan to lose weight, remember that weight loss will affect your breast size as well. You might want to reach your desired weight and then schedule surgery. However, breast reduction does make physical activity easier so it might help you with your weight loss goals as well.

Then, the incision will be closed with sutures. If you are receiving a breast lift, the skin on the breast will also be pulled up to reposition the breast at a higher place on your chest. Dr. Sadeghi specializes in performing combined breast reduction-breast lift surgeries, and it is a popular package among our patients.

 What Happens During a Breast Reduction Surgery?

The surgery involves making an incision in one or both of your breasts and then removing excess fat and breast tissue. Your nipple and areola (the area around your nipple) might be cut and then grafted to a new, more natural-looking position on the breast, especially if you are receiving a breast lift along with the breast reduction.

 What is Recovery Like After a Breast Reduction Surgery?

Depending on your situation, you might spend a few days in the hospital or be able to go home right away. You should expect to be out of work or school for about a week and to avoid strenuous physical activity for about a month after your surgery. You should also sleep on your back in the months following surgery.

After the procedure, you should expect some pain in your breasts and maybe tiredness, but Dr. Sadeghi will give you painkillers as well as compression bandages to ease the pain. You also might notice a great deal of bruising and swelling, but this should go away in time. You’ll probably be able to see the results of your surgery right away, but the swelling might take six to twelve months to completely go away.

Some women have shared that they had an emotional reaction after reducing their breasts, such as depression. This is normal, as your breasts are a part of you, but the feelings shouldn’t last. If you’re concerned by anything you’re experiencing after surgery, make sure to let Dr. Sadeghi know right away. You’ll also have follow-up appointments with him to remove bandages, stitches, and to check in.

Will I Have Scars After Breast Reduction?

Yes, the incisions from a breast surgery will leave some scars, but they should fade over time. You can prevent excessive scarring by choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Sadeghi, by avoiding smoking before and after your surgery, eating a diet with plenty of protein and vitamins, and carefully following any instructions from Dr. Sadeghi.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Sadeghi To Perform My Breast Reduction Surgery?

There’s a reason that Dr. Ali Sadeghi is one of the most respected plastic surgeons in Louisiana. As a double board-certified plastic surgeon with world-class training and expertise, Dr. Sadeghi is the go-to surgeon for those considering breast reduction surgery in New Orleans. He is the founder and director of the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery and has performed thousands of breast reduction and plastic surgery procedures in New Orleans for over two decades.

Experience the Sadeghi Center for yourself. We offer compassionate, one-on-one service in a spa-like environment designed to make you feel like royalty. Your complete and long-term satisfaction is our goal. To set up an appointment and see how a breast reduction surgery can change your life, call (504) 322-7435 and set up an appointment with Dr. Sadeghi and the team today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction Surgery

Are you considering breast reduction surgery? You probably have questions. Our knowledgeable team at our Metairie office can answer any further questions or help you set up a consultation with Dr. Sadeghi. You can also read some of our frequently asked questions below.

Is breast reduction surgery painful?

You will experience some bruising and pain in your breasts after surgery, but it should be treatable with painkillers. You also might have compression bandages or a compression bra to help ease the discomfort as well.

How long will swelling last, and do I need drains?

Swelling will for the most part die down a few weeks after surgery, but it won’t go away completely for six to potentially twelve months. This is okay. Swelling is a natural part of your body’s healing process and means that your immune system is working normally, so it isn’t a cause for worry. However, if you have excessive swelling that doesn’t go away over time, you should let Dr. Sadeghi know.

Yes, you will also need drains. For breast reduction surgery, Dr. Sadeghi will place drains under your arms for a few days to collect excess blood and fluid, but then he’ll take them out for the rest of your recovery period.

Will the results last?

Yes. As long as your weight remains stable, your breast reduction surgery will change your life for good. There’s a chance that if you are very young at the time of your surgery that your breasts might grow after surgery. Your breast size will also change with your weight after surgery like any fatty tissue.

What are the risks associated with breast reduction surgery?

After surgery, there’s a chance you could lose or lessen sensation in your nipples, lose the ability to breastfeed, or heal irregularly and need another skin graft after surgery.

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If you are considering breast reduction surgery, turn to New Orleans’ premier plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Sadeghi. Dr. Sadeghi and his team at the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery will provide a no-risk consultation to discuss your goals and answer any questions you might have. Contact us at (504) 370-0521 or reach out to us online to schedule time with us today.

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