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Your face is often the first thing people see when you meet. If you do not feel confident with your facial appearance, life may not be as enjoyable as it could be.

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Dr. Sadeghi offers various facial plastic surgery procedures to help patients eliminate aging signs and create facial harmony. If you are looking to reduce facial wrinkles or improve the appearance of some of your features, facial surgery could be right for you.

In addition to these facial procedures, Dr. Sadeghi also offers reconstructive breast surgery, cosmetic breast procedures, and body contouring surgeries to help patients achieve their ideal look.

Surgical Face Procedures

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Many people dread getting older, and visible facial aging can be frustrating and difficult to treat with at-home products. Our skin and the underlying soft tissues weaken as we age. With the effects of gravity on the soft tissue, jowls, nasolabial folds and loose neck skin develop as well as persistent wrinkles. .Facelift surgery tightens sagging skin and muscles in the lower two-thirds of the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, and double chins.

Facelift recovery time is roughly two weeks. During this time, you should spend a lot of time resting with your head elevated and applying cold compresses to reduce pain and swelling. Although facelift results are intended to be long lasting, natural aging can cause wrinkles and sagging skin to recur to some extent. However, thanks to facelift surgery, you will always look about 10 years younger than you are.

Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

As we age, our brows can start to droop, and forehead lines and furrows between the brows often develop. This can make us look perpetually sad, tired, or angry. Brow lift surgery, also known as a forehead lift, elevates sagging brows and smoothes wrinkles in the upper face to take years off one’s appearance.

Recovery from a brow lift is roughly two weeks. You should avoid strenuous activities and spend most of your time resting during your recovery.

Results are intended to be immediate and permanent. However, brow lift surgery cannot halt the aging process.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Over time, the tissues in our eyelids begin to droop, often causing vision impairment and creating an angry, aged appearance. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) removes excess skin and removes or repositions fat and muscles in the eyelids to help patients achieve a youthful, refreshed look and, in some cases, improve vision.

Eyelid surgery patients can return to work and other responsibilities after one week of rest and recovery.

Results from blepharoplasty will be visible immediately and continue to improve over the next couple of months as residual bruising and swelling resolve.

Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty):

Since the nose is in the center of the face, it is nearly impossible to conceal if you are unhappy with its appearance. Nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) repositions and reshapes the nose to create a balanced, attractive appearance you can feel good about.

Patients may return to work and other daily activities one week after their nose surgery, but bruising and swelling may be present for up to two weeks.

Permanent results from rhinoplasty are visible almost immediately. However, it may take up to a full year for the nose to completely stabilize.

Categories of Rhinoplasty:

    • Non Surgical Rhinoplasty: Filler Rhinoplasty:
    • Revision Rhinoplasty
    • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty
    • Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Asian, Mediterrenian, African
    • Functional Rhinoplasty
    • Male Rhinoplasty:
    • Nose Feminization Rhinoplasty

Chin Implants

The chin is one of the main features responsible for creating facial symmetry and harmony. A receding or weak chin can create an unbalanced facial appearance. Chin augmentation uses implants or dermal filler to increase the projection of the chin, creating better facial harmony and enhancing other features such as the jawline, mouth, and nose.

Recovery from chin implants will take approximately one week.

You should expect to see immediate results; however, you will need to wait for swelling and bruising to subside to enjoy them fully.

Ear Surgery (Otoplasty – Ear pinning)

Ear surgery (otoplasty) repositions the ears back toward the head and reshapes cartilage to create a more natural ear appearance. Some people are born with overly large ears or prominent ears that protrude from the head. For children, this can result in bullying and low self-esteem at a young age. Adults may have struggled with protruding ears all their lives and finally decide to correct them and improve their quality of life with otoplasty.

During your recovery from ear surgery, you will need to be extra careful when washing and styling your hair to ensure you do not harm the sutures as the ears are healing.

Otoplasty results will be visible immediately but will be concealed with a large dressing for two to three days.

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Non-surgical Face Procedures and Treatments

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non Surgical Facelift


Neurotoxin injection is a treatment that reduces forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and other signs of facial aging. Many people experience fine lines and wrinkles on their face but do not need or want to undergo invasive surgery. Neurotoxins can be used around the lips (Lip Flip) to diminish fine lines and wrinkling around the mouth and to treat a gummy smile. BOTOX® Cosmetic will leave you with a more relaxed, youthful appearance that can increase your overall confidence.

There is no downtime needed after BOTOX® Cosmetic; you can return to work and excercise immediately after your treatment.

Results from BOTOX® Cosmetic will last a few months, at which time repeat treatment may be done to maintain the results.

Dermal Fillers

    • Juvederm
    • Restylane
    • RHA Collection
    • Revnanesse Versa

Dermal filler treatments place injections of the fillers under the skin to add fullness and volume. When most people think of facial aging, they visualize wrinkles and fine lines. However, we also lose facial volume as we get older. This volume loss can worsen the look of wrinkles and often leads to other noticeable aging signs, such as hollow cheeks, eyelids, and temples. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that plump the skin to correct these aging concerns.

There is no recovery time needed after dermal fillers; patients can immediately return to their regular activities after this “lunchtime treatment.”

Dermal filler results will last anywhere from six months to a year and a half before repeat treatment may be needed to maintain the results.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peel treatments provide smoother, fresher, and more radiant skin. The chemical peel solution can be applied to various areas of the face and body to improve hyperpigmentation (dark spots), wrinkles, scarring, and acne.

Recovery is about two weeks but can vary depending on the type of chemical peel. During this time, you may experience redness, swelling, and peeling. Strenuous activity and direct sunlight should be avoided.

Results from chemical peels generally last a few months.

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