Who Can Get Rhinoplasty?

Known as a nose job or nose surgery, rhinoplasty refers to correction and restoration of the nose’s form, function, and beauty. Rhinoplasty can help resolve the effects of injury or trauma to the nose, such as a bump or indent left after a broken nose heals. The procedure can also address congenital defects, such as a deviated septum, that restrict a patient from breathing properly. Finally, rhinoplasty can also address a failed first rhinoplasty, if patients are unsatisfied with their results. Newer non-surgical alternatives to surgical rhinoplasty are available and you may be a candidate for this procedure. Also known as the liquid rhinoplasty or lunchtime rhinoplasty, this procedure uses fillers to correct for contour abnormalities of the nose without the need for incisions. During the consultation, if you are a candidate for this procedure, Dr. Sadeghi will discuss this option with you.

 The Rhinoplasty Procedure

During your initial consultation with Dr. Sadeghi, you’ll discuss what you’re looking for from this surgery. It’s important to be honest about your past medical history, including past nose surgeries, injuries, and allergies, as well as about your lifestyle. Dr. Sadeghi will recommend one of two rhinoplasty approaches customized to your goals. The open rhinoplasty approach involves several small incisions made on the outside of the nose, while the closed approach allows the incisions to be hidden on the inside of the nose. During your surgery, the bones and cartilage of your nose will be restructured and reshaped. Afterward, a splint will be applied to the outside of the nose to help maintain the new structure as it heals.

Risks of the Rhinoplasty Procedure

Risks of rhinoplasty include general anesthesia risks, as well as the risk of infection, nosebleed, and scarring. In very few cases, a follow-up procedure may need to be performed. These cases are unpredictable, and follow-up surgery is usually minor. Dr. Sadeghi will thoroughly discuss all risks with you before your procedure.

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Average Cost: $5,350
Recovery Time: ~ 6 weeks
Average Procedure Time: 1.5 – 3 Hours
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 Recovering From Your Rhinoplasty

During the first week after surgery, you’ll need to sleep with your head in an elevated position at night. This position helps minimize swelling and bruising, which will be at its worst a few days post-procedure. You can apply cold compresses to ease bruising and swelling, though some subtle swelling will remain up to a few months after your rhinoplasty. For the first 24 hours following your procedure, your head might feel “stuffy.” You may also have a dull headache or an ache in your nose, and there may be some bleeding as your surgical site heals. Dr. Sadeghi will prescribe pain medication to ease your discomfort. After two days, most rhinoplasty patients are able to return to their normal routines. However, all vigorous physical activity, including exercise and sex, must be avoided for two to three weeks to avoid increasing blood pressure. Don’t allow your nose to become sunburned, and be gentle when washing your face and applying cosmetics. For the first week after rhinoplasty, Dr. Sadeghi may ask you to refrain from blowing your nose—this is to avoid disrupting the new structure as it heals. Nasal packing and splints can usually be removed after two to three days, which will make you more comfortable. The nose heals slowly, and though you will no longer look as if you’ve just had surgery after two to three weeks, you may not see your final results for up to a year. Be patient!

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