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If you’ve recently had or are planning to have a mastectomy (removal or one or both of your breasts), we commend you as a breast cancer survivor—we know that the fight against breast cancer is an emotionally and physically draining one. The decision to remove one or both of your breasts is often a difficult-yet-necessary one for patients with breast cancer or fibrocystic breast disease, severe chronic breast pain, or other non-cancerous conditions.

What Is A Mastectomy?

A mastectomy is the removal of a whole breast, both breasts, or part of a breast and is a common treatment for women with more advanced stages of breast cancer. By removing the breast that has cancer in it, you can keep the cancer from spreading to other parts of your body. The operation can save your life, but could also mean that any breast replacements will not be sensitive to touch after the surgery and might look or feel slightly different.

Some women might be uncomfortable with the thought of losing one or both of their breasts, so it helps to know more about the procedure itself and the options for reconstruction after surgery.

 What Are My Options For Reconstructive Surgery?

Here are two kinds of reconstructive breast surgeries that Dr. Sadeghi can perform:

Simple mastectomy – This type of mastectomy is the removal of the breast tissue, areola and nipple of one of your breasts. It’s used when cancer is found in one breast and the woman desires to keep her non-cancerous breasts intact.

Modified radical mastectomy – In addition to removing the breast tissue, areola, and nipple, this mastectomy also removes the lymph nodes under the arm. This type of surgery is used when the cancer has spread past the breast and has accumulated in the lymph nodes.

Partial mastectomy – If only a portion of the breast has cancer, you can remove just the part of your breast that contains the cancer and leave the rest of the breast intact with a partial mastectomy.

Nipple-sparing (subcutaneous) mastectomy – Dr. Sadeghi specializes in this type of surgery. A nipple-sparing mastectomy (NSM) removes the breast but preserves the original areola and nipple. This helps to create a more natural-looking breast after surgery and also helps your breasts to retain some of their ability to feel touch.

Double mastectomy – In a double mastectomy, both breasts are removed. Some women choose to remove both breasts because they are genetically more likely to get cancer in their other breast. Having a double mastectomy increases your chances of not having cancer come back. Others choose to remove both breasts because they find it easier to wear two prosthetic breasts instead of one, and others might be concerned that their chest will look imbalanced with one natural breast and one replacement breast.

Which Option is Right For Me?

The decision of what kind of mastectomy to get requires the input of a health professional as well as your personal preferences for what cosmetic outcome you want after surgery. Make sure to consult with your personal healthcare provider and with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Sadeghi and let him know about your preferences and concerns.

Each woman’s story is different, and that’s why Dr. Ali Sadeghi at the Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery is dedicated to consulting with breast cancer survivors and understanding their personal needs and the best surgery options for them. He provides compassionate, one-on-one care for each of his patients. If you want help navigating these important decisions and to work with a surgeon with decades of experience, contact the Sadeghi Center today.

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What Can Reconstructive Surgery Improve?

Different women have different preferences, but some women do feel a desire for reconstructive breast surgery in order to heal emotionally after breast cancer. The fact that one or both of their breasts are missing are a constant reminder of their ordeal and keep them from feeling “whole” and moving on.

In comparison to prosthetics, reconstructive surgery often yields a more natural-looking outcome, which is also another reason why so many mastectomy patients opt for the procedure.

What Are My Options For Reconstructive Surgery?

Here are two kinds of reconstructive breast surgeries that Dr. Sadeghi can perform:

Implants – For many years, breast reconstruction used silicone gel or saline water implants. These implants look and feel similar to natural breasts. Silicone gel is a newer type of implant, but both look great.

Perforator flap breast reconstruction — Dr. Sadeghi specializes in this newer advancement in breast reconstruction. This type of surgery preserves the skin from your original breast and then uses fat from another part of your body (like your tummy, buttocks or thighs) to fill the breast. This procedure generally achieves the most normal-looking and normal-feeling breasts.

Here are a few things to consider when making your decision about your reconstructive surgery:

If you only have one breast removed, your newer breast might have a different shape than your natural breast. The newer breast will probably hang higher than your other breast (especially if your natural breast sags). You might consider getting a breast lift for your natural breast so both breasts will match.

If you only have one breast removed and you choose an implant for your replacement breast, your implant will not gain or lose weight if you do. Your breasts might look imbalanced over time. However, the fat used in a flap surgery can gain or lose fat with the rest of you.

If you don’t feel ready to make any more decisions right now, reconstructive surgery can be performed in the future during a second operation. You could wait to see how you feel and then decide if reconstructive surgery is for you. There are some perks to doing both the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery at the same time though—you only need to undergo surgery once and you will only need one recovery period instead of two. Also, doing both at the same time allows you to preserve your nipple and areola if you so choose.

 How Much Do a Mastectomy and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Cost?

Since there are many types of mastectomies, many kinds of reconstructive breast surgeries, and a wide range of insurance coverage options, the best person to tell you about the cost of your treatment is Dr. Sadeghi during a private consultation.

 What is Recovery Like After Breast Surgery?

Assuming you do both a mastectomy and reconstructive breast surgery, you will need to stay one or two days in the hospital and probably take six to eight weeks to recover. Your recovery time might be less if you do only one procedure or the other.

For a few weeks after your surgery you’ll experience some soreness and swelling. You might also experience numbness or tingling in your breasts. Dr. Sadeghi will give you pain medication to help. He’ll also prescribe exercises to help you regain full movement again. You might also have a drain in place for a few weeks.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Sadeghi To Perform My Mastectomy?

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery and reconstructive breast surgery, Dr. Sadeghi is well-qualified to perform your operation. He has received extensive world-class surgical training, successfully performed thousands of surgeries, and is well-known for his research and contributions to state-of-the-art surgical advancements.

As the founder and Medical Director of The Sadeghi Center for Plastic Surgery, Dr. Sadeghi provides empathetic, personalized, high-quality care to each of his patients.

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