What is a nipple-sparing mastectomy?

You and your surgeon may decide that a nipple-sparing mastectomy is right for you. This surgery involves the removal of all breast tissue, without removal of the breast skin, nipple and areola. After reviewing your clinical information, Dr. Sadeghi will determine if you are a candidate for a nipple sparing mastectomies. Most patients undergoing prophylactic mastectomies and some patient with breast cancer are candidates for this procedure.

Dr. Sadeghi specializes in this advanced procedure, which can be performed on most women regardless of breast size or position.

Benefits of nipple-sparing mastectomy

Patients who undergo this type of mastectomy report that their breasts feel more natural. The importance of this benefit can’t be overstated, as a woman’s psychological reaction to her breasts after surgery is a pivotal part of her total recovery.

We can perform a nipple-sparing mastectomy if cancer exists at least 2 cm from the nipple, measures less than 4cm total in size, and does not affect the skin. Patients who have undergone radiation treatment are often still eligible to undergo this procedure.

 The procedure

Nipple-sparing mastectomy surgery is performed via a single incision in either the inferior (lower) or lateral (side) area of the breast. Certain patients may be good candidates for an incision in the inframammary fold under the breast, which leads to inconspicuous scars and especially natural-looking results.

After undergoing the procedure, patients will stay overnight in the hospital for care and observation. Most patients recover from the procedure within two to three weeks.

Results of nipple-sparing mastectomy

Though your results may look very much like your previous breasts, the sensations you feel will change. The procedure often results in a loss or diminished sensation, or ability to feel touch and pressure, in the breast(s).

Remember to be patient, as sensation can take up to a year to come back. While fine-touch sensation does not return, most women do retain at least some sensation.

Please also keep in mind that while mastectomy is the most effective treatment to reduce breast cancer recurrence, offering more than a 90% reduction rate, there can never be a total guarantee that breast cancer won’t recur.

Your surgeons take meticulous care during surgery to remove all visible breast cancer tissue, reducing the chance of a reoccurrence. After your procedure, you’ll be screened regularly and undergo careful clinical breast examination.

As one of the best tools in our arsenal to fight breast cancer, the nipple-sparing mastectomy has helped many women beat cancer and live long, full and happy lives.

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